Friday, December 30, 2011

It's coming....

I really need to get back on the blog wagon, I've really slacked off and I'm ashamed of myself. Hoping to have some news to UPDATE you with, its just taking time, but.... It's coming.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh the madness !

Weird couple of weeks!

I left Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago to deliver a car out in Reno, Nv. The trip out was fairly smooth, despite the 55 + mph winds in Wyoming (In Wyoming, its almost expected to have some kind of freak weather). After delivering the car in one piece I had a day off so I spent most of it playing live poker. I did ok, not great not terrible, but I had a great time playing and meeting different people from around the globe. On of my favorite "lines" at the poker table is being one jack off from a straight.... I just spit it out there "I'm a jack off" .... seems to get some laughs, and it breaks the ice. When I left Reno, I headed out the back roads. I went thru some cool places, Hawthorne Lake (just beautiful), skimmed the outskirts of Area 51, and Death Valley, saw some green men running around naked, a pack of wolves... (which there is a little funny one here.... I saw the pack of wolves outside of the place I was delivering, so when I went inside to see how things were going, I pulled my arm up through my sleeve and told the guy inside "damn, your dogs are mean"... while wiggling my sleeve like I had a stump..... I thought he was gonna piss himself, I know I let out a little from laughing so hard! haha). Ok, I also saw some little green men, and 2 jackalopes *wink*.

Okay so after my time in Reno, I reloaded and headed to the Dallas, Texas area. I almost made it there but my 80,000 lb. baby started bleeding to death. I had to take her to the emergency room first thing in the morning, since it was Sunday and nobody was open until then. (Anybody confused?... my baby is the truck I drive... bleeding to death means her red coolant was spilling out of her). So after get her all fixed up, we headed into Dallas, which in turn made me late for my next load, which then resulted in HELL... PURE HELL! I reloaded for Abilene, Texas and got over there on Monday night.... it was storming, rain, thunder, lightning, all the good stuff, well then that turned into white stuff, then came the ice. I woke up Tuesday morning and my jaw just dropped, there must of been 8 inches of snow, which then was covered in ice. Some guy pulls into the place where I'm to be delivering and I say "I have a load for ya" and he says "not today you don't" . Okay terrific, glad I drove out here, ok so this is Tuesday morning, I finally get unloaded Thursday morning, and the roads are HORRIBLE, I was a complete idiot for even trying to drive on them.... YOU CANT DRIVE ON ICE! It took me 6 hours to go 55 miles, and I never stopped for nothing! I felt I was going fast when I shifted to third gear (who needs the other 11?).... I was skeered, I was sliding in all directions, trucks were in the ditch every half mile, you couldn't get off the interstate cause the ramps go a little uphill and if you get off, your screwed, you'll never make it to the top of the ramp. This went on for two more days, and my nerves were just SHOT, my stress level was in overdrive, I hated the truck, I wanted out! Soooo, I got out! I got a motel for the weekend, and just tuned it all out, the ONLY thing I did this weekend that had to do with trucking was start the the truck daily.... that's it.... Okay okay, I peeped at it thru the peep hole a couple times to make sure nobody cleaned it ; )

I ended the weekend watching my beloved Steelers loose the Super Bowl... but hey, it's ok, we still have a hell of team! Maybe next year? I'm ready to go back to work, get unloaded in the morning and reload and roll on down the road.... I kinda missed it this weekend, but I also enjoyed my time off! Tootles til the next time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steeler Nation

Woo hoo! Steelers beat the Ravens tonight! It's such a awesome feeling to be from a town that LOVES their football team, and its makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when your out in the middle of nowhere and someone is waving a Steeler flag, or has a bumper sticker on their car. GO STEELERS !

Ok, well it was a very long week, thanks to mother nature. I left the Burgh on Friday to head for the Dallas area and was suppose to deliver on Monday, but mother nature got in the way and dumped 6 inches of snow in the Little Rock area and left me with no choice but to sit still til Tuesday late morning, and arriving in Dallas on Wednesday. Then went back to the Burgh, and now I'm on my way to Nebraska. So far the trip is going swell, its 12 degrees, but there's no snow flakes dropping out of the sky.... at least not yet.

I did a little bookkeeping for the past year, and I ran approximately 140,000 miles this past year, and of course since I like to push the buttons on the calculator, that comes to a average of 383.5 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY out of the year! My thermos has more miles on it than most people will ever put on ALL of their cars in their lifetime! Your probally wondering what I did with all my spare time, huh? Pretty simple answer... I napped some.

Welp, this is gonna have to be the end for tonight, after that football game, I'm whooped, and its time for my nap! Tomorrow I will pull out of Woodhull, Illinois and finnish my trip to Nebraska, as long as mother nature stays outta my way, it should be a easy day!

The roads go on forever, and the party never ends!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's a new year and....

The trucking stories just keep getting better. This past week I came across something I have NEVER seen before, and I must say I don't think I'll be forgetting this anytime soon. My boss and I ended up taking two loads up to New Hampshire, the trip went well and we got unloaded a whole day early, so then we had some time before we had to go pick up our next loads so we started to hunt for a truckstop in the area. We found one about 10 miles from where we delivered and we hunkered down for the night. The boss ordered some dinner from the local pizza shop, and had it delivered. He paid $20.00 for the pizza (including a tip for the driver) and it was suppose to be a large pizza, but it wasn't... there were 8 cuts in the box, we both looked at each other and thought, 'huh, where's the other box at?'. The boss had 5 pieces and I ate 3, we were both still hungry but now it was time to grab a shower. We got our stuff together and headed in the truckstop. I told the guy at the counter that we wanted a shower, he proceeded to get one key out, I told him we would be needing two showers... the boss and I needed some time apart... haha. Okay so then this is where it gets interesting, I give the guy a $20 and he gives me back $5 and started counting out five dollars in quarters. I'm looking at the boss and saying "he knows we want showers, right?... we don't wanna do laundry". The boss and I keep looking at each other, not saying a word outloud but the look on our face was a very obvious WTF? I said to the guy behind the counter "can I get an extra towel for my hair"... he said he'd get that for me in a min, then he asked the boss how many quarters he wanted... again the WTF look was there again. The boss got his quarters, and I asked the guy.... "whats the quarters for?".... stupid me, you have to buy the water!!!! WTF! I got my extra towel and just couldn't wait any longer to see how this was gonna work, so we headed to our shower rooms.... opened the door and sure enough, there's this device on the wall that wants you to feed it quarters, $2.25 will get you 6 minutes in the shower! HOT DAMN! Ok so I "buy" 12 minutes of water (rolling eyes) and in I went... Kinda felt I was at the car wash, kept waiting for the big blue rubber things to come out and start whipping me... it never happened, I'm thinking to myself in my shower "well you don't have to worry about me falling down in here, I'll get wedged between the walls before I even hit the floor".... yes, it was that small ! Got out and got my "hair" towel, unfolded it, and it is just littered with holes.... wow, another great find in New Hampshire. By this time, I'm pissed, I throw on my clothes, and head back to my truck to dry my hair because it was like a oven in there, and I was outta quarters! Sheesh, I'm still thinking about it, shaking my head back n forth... "yeah, I'd like a shower, and I'll need some water with that too".... WTF!!

Happy Trails to you.... until we meet again!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sticky Sticky !

Oh what a week it has been... (Lionel Richie's 'stuck on you' playing in the background)... Woke up Monday a.m. and found my temperature control knob in the bunk came off, so while I'm still waking up (and still in my waking up clothes that consist of my undies) I try to super glue the knob back together..... welllll, the end of the super glue tube broke off and super glue went everywhere, leaving my left hand glued to my stomach, my right hand glued together like a club, and still holding the knob, and my legs were glued together, I just sat there looking at myself thinking "how the hell are you gonna get out of this one Sher". Well hours later I was able to move a bit more freely, and days later I was finally free of all the super glue. Didn't think I'd ever top the phone in the commode day, but I think this one tops that. ( the story is under "up a creek")

That's Monday.... Tuesday I stop and get fuel, and then head to the truck wash, wipe down the whole truck after the wash and it's looking mighty fine, 200 miles later I find my oil cap has blown off and the entire driver side of the truck is covered in I get back in line for another truck wash, get the truck looking all good again and continue on my way.

Friday I develop a fuel leak on the passenger side... needless to say the truck was covered with fuel and I was NOT getting it washed again, at $60 bucks a pop, the truck is just gonna have to stay dirty. I finished the week with 4600 miles (a round trip to McAlester, Ok, and another round trip to Terrell, Tx), my ass is whipped, one of my wisdom teeth is bothering me pretty good, giving me a headache daily, and making it quite painful to eat anything that has to be chewed. Tomorrow is Monday once again, and since there is no super glue in the truck, it can only go better than last monday!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It really is better to be pissed off

Than to be pissed on. I can now say this speaking from experience! Today was one of those days, the kind where we would of been better off not even rolling out of the bunk. I woke up early this morning and took a look in the mirror, I'm glad I only had one eye open, I seemed to of had the *Gilda Radner* look going on, I look out the window and it's just pouring down raining outside my office, this of course is not one of the better ways to start your day. I find my hat to help control my 'frizzies' and head outside to take my paperwork into the consignee... yep, now I'm soaking wet, I have frizzy hair, morning face and I'm still half asleep. After unloading its time to get back out in the pouring down rain and close the doors on the trailer, got back in the truck only to notice that I somehow managed to get dirt all over my boobs.... time to change the shirt. I then head over to Grand Prairie, Texas for my next load, the rain has stopped it's getting even more humid, my hair is OUT TO THERE, I have a clean shirt on and I'm ready to continue on with my day. I get loaded and I head back out of town, but to do this I have to go right smack through the middle of Dallas, Texas.... Ok, no biggie, it's been a while since I've been downtown in a large car, what the heck, lets roll.... I decide I'll stay to the left so I dont get all tangled up in the traffic entering and exiting the Interstate... It seemed like a really good choice, once I was through town I moved over a lane, and this nice man in a blue pick up truck who was behind me came up along side of me and started waving his fist and then he flipped me off... the nerve of him, just because I wasn't going 80 mph didn't mean I deserved to be flipped off.... Sheesh. Ok so then after that I'm heading up the road, minding my own business, listening to the tunes on the radio, and there's a guy in a pick up truck up ahead of me, he's pulling a cow hauler thingy, there's a really big cow in it..... I'm looking and my windshield is getting wet, and it looked like this guy just broke his water line on his pick up truck... I'm looking a little harder now, and its not the water line that broke its the cow, he's pissing all over me, NOW I'M MAD, I pull out to pass the cow, which was actually a very big bull, and I flip him off ! They should of tied that bulls d*ck in a knot before taking him out for a ride.... There is a positive side to all of this, and that is..... atleast it wasn't a cow pie that hit me! Eat more Chicken !

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Updates & Things....

It's been a while, huh? Have ya missed me and my thrilling stories? Time is just flying by and I'm forgetting all my passwords to log into things to keep them updated! I'm still driving with the owner operator as mentioned earlier in these blogings, my ride has changed, I am now operating this black beauty, we just had my brother do all the decals thats on it (the stuff in yellow and white for those that have no clue, if you wanna see it a lil' better, click on the picture and it will give you more detail), and on the back of the cab I had him make me something to personalize it, and that is a big decal saying Ice Maiden. Why Ice Maiden? Well I like things REALLY cold, and that includes the inside of my home (This is my home MOST of the time). I took this truck to the Kenworth dealer and told the guy that was going to do the work on it that if he could get the a/c down to 35 degrees I'd give him a one hundred dollar tip... 2 hours later he had it down to 38 degrees, I gave him eighty bucks and told him "that'll work". So on most days I'm cruising around the country in my ice chest, after a night of sleeping, it's great to wake up with ice on ...... well we'll just say -everything-. Life is good, and a whole lot more manageable when there's no sweat on my brow. I've been doing alot of the same run lately, load in a little town called Fombell, Pa. and taking it down to a little bigger town called Terrell, Tx. I've gotten so used to this route I know where all the big potholes are, and I can keep my drink in a upright position now. I don't mind doing this run, it gets me outta the house... so much that I have to use a GPS'er to find my way back to my house *wink*. I have been home this week since Wednesday and I'm leaving in the a.m. for ..... yep, you guessed it... Texas. It was great to come home for a few days and clean, and do laundry, and pay bills, and do some sewing, see friends, family, the dogs..... It has wore me out and I'm looking forward to going back to work, I need the rest !

The trucking industry is really taking a beating with the cost of fuel these days. Most of you know that it is becoming almost impossible to "fill up" everytime you go to the pumps... imagine what it is like to have a 240 gallon tank to put fuel in, and after spending $800 dollars, you still DO NOT have a full tank of fuel, and these big rigs get an average of 6, yes 6 miles to the gallon. I don't know how we will survive through all of this right now, but right now all we can do is.... Keep On Truckin'.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Up A Creek.....

Well it was one of those days again today. It started out really good and ended with a bang, and a plop. I left out of Western Pa., and was heading to Augusta, Ga. with a nice light load, hopped on US 19 down in West Virginia and came up to a stop light that changed just as I was rolling up to it, so I dropped my gear and BANG, sounded just like I blew a tire. Got off on the shoulder to get out and see which one went kapow and couldn't find it. Scratched my head a couple times wondering "WTF" (if you don't know what that means, I'm not telling ya)..... Called the boss, he guessed pretty damn good, said it must of been the turbo, and was thinking one of the hoses blew, I couldnt find any holes in the hoses but whatever the problem the truck didn't have any power, and the turbo gage stood still at zero. The boss says to turn around and go back to one of the truck stops and have them look at it, which I did, turns out it wasn't a hose at all, it was the whole damn turbo thingie that went KAPOW. Great, terrific, not what the boss wanted to hear and not what I wanted to hear, but that was what we were told. Sooo after all that excitement I had to pee, and I was thankful that I had my porta potty with me, so I crawl into the bunk so I can do my thing, and it's pitch black and I hear something hit the potty and thought to myself "WTF?" .... got my little flash light out and peered through the hole in the potty and what do I see laying at the bottom ...... my cell phone ! Oh now thats lovely, I know I talk alot of shit but thats pushing it a little far dontcha think? Whats even nicer is when the cell phone rings and the steeler fight song plays from my porta potty and vibrates across the floor, gonna be hard to top this, huh? What really saddens me is that the phone was brand new, still had the new cellphone smell (well not anymore!). Soooo I had to get another phone, they asked me if I wanted insurance on it, and I thought to myself "do you really think this will ever happen again?"..... I declined the insurance, and hopefully this phone will last a little longer.

If crime doesn't pay, my job must be a crime *wink*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is a highway

Well here it is..... my new ride !

Well I started another chapter in life, this time I'm going at it alone. I signed on with an Owner Operator out of Ohio and took the seat behind the wheel of this large car. It's a Kenworth, something I am not used to driving, it has a 550 Cat under the HUGE hood, it has a 260 inch wheel base, 13 speed, and over 2 million miles are on it !! (she needs a little TLC) The owner of it has taken good care of it and it shows. It does however need a paint job, and hopefully it will get one come spring/summer. This past week was the week from hell, everything went wrong, EVERYTHING! But I hung in there with both arms and will continue to hang in there. The guys I work with are a hoot, I like them alot, and they are a bunch of riots. Gonna keep this one short, it was a long week, and I owe the sleep bank, nitey nite!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I've been doing this for two days now, wondering just what the heck has happened, my partner, who is no longer my partner got off the truck, and now I'm out here in this big bad world all by my lonesome. I don't even want to get into what happened, I'm just going to keep that to myself but will continue on with my usual dippy blogging. Today was groundhog day, Phil saw his shadow, he looked a little sleepy when they plucked him from his nice little hole. So I was talking to Mom and she says "if Phil hibernates all winter, when does he poop".... This is my mother people, now you know where I get -it- from ! She said maybe that will take my mind off everything, nope that didn't do it, but I'll continue to search for something that does. I'm in Breezewood, Pa., I'm on my way back to New Joisey, I fit right in over there, I tawk like a northeastern, and I have 'big' hair, not as big as it has been, but it still has some POOF to it! Anyways, things are going to be changing with me once again, right now alot is up in the air, so once things are more settled, I'll have more to say. But for right now, I'm just going to 'shuddup'. Go back to sleep Phil, see ya in 6 weeks.

Monday, January 28, 2008

There they were, right smack on-top of the billboard, like they were advertising what they were doing, what were they doing you ask...? They were DOING IT !!! 2 Hawks were making whoopie !! Well folks, its been about a week and we have ran about 5800 miles this week. At the moment we're in Seville, Ohio, and we're on our way to New Jersey to drop the load that we're pulling. We left Florida, went to Jersey, then to way upstate New York, then out to southern California, and the load we have is going up to Connecticut but we'll drop it in Jersey. The weather has been very cooperative we didn't have anything that caused delays. Jim and I are still working on our "system", getting used to one another, figuring out what we like or don't like, etc. It's not easy being in a box all the time with someone, think of it as being stuck in your bathroom with someone for days at a time.... are you still gonna like them come the end of the week? Cant seem to get them birds out of my head, so tonight we're gonna have some Chicken ! If ya can't beat 'em, eat 'em. Damn, I still got it. I crack myself up sometimes. Okay peeps it's time to say tootles, don't cry, I'll be back !!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new..........

Well well well, it's time to ring in another year, and it's also time to update this blog page. It's soon going to be 2008 and I figured it was time to put a few words together and let ya's know what I've been up to. After taking some time off and hanging out near home, it's time to head back to work. I found a new partner and I think things will work out very nicely for us. We're going to drive at a company called LandSpan, and eventually we will hopefully go to work back at the company that I was driving at (hauling the ammo). As time goes by, I will fill you in more on Jim (the partners name). It was nice to be home for Christmas, it seems like I've missed so many of them, I forget who all I have to buy for. I got to spend some time with my dogs too, I sure do miss them little buggers. Well, I will keep this short, Happy New Year everyone, and I'll be seeing ya soon. TOOTS!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Look Out! Look Out !

What a week it has been! It started after leaving China Lake, Ca., while traveling through Tennessee, some ding-a-ling driving a brand new Dodge pick up truck ran right into the back of me at a stoplight. I get out to see what the hell was going on and there is some dork standing there in a sonic uniform laughing.... he says "your truck is fine, mine was dented", and I say to him "umm, ok for future reference, the big truck will always win"..... he seemed proud of himself, his bumper was all mangled and so was his hood, and ontop of that I do not even think he noticed the big orange "EXPLOSIVE" placard on the trailer. Well after that things got better, got the chance to stop by my Aunt & Uncles house in Waldorf, Md, and also got to visit with my cousin and her family (I haven't seen them in 4 years!). After leaving Waldorf and heading into Patuxent River, Md., things got gloomy again, came time to unload the trailer only to find out that one of the bands wrapped around the ammo came loose and ammo cans were rolling around in the back of the trailer.... There was nothing I could do about it, I'm not allowed in the trailer when it's being loaded, it wasn't my fault it came loose, but *I* could of went to the moon (for free!) because of this error, but LUCKILY nothing happened. Then some more luck seemed to happen, while waiting in McAlester, Oklahoma for the next load I had some time for fun, so I went to the Indian Casino and doubled my money (Smile). Then after that things got crazy, while driving out of Oklahoma and into Texas, the weather started scarring me some, the sky was very dark, alot of lightining was going on all around me, then hail came, and then the hail really came, so heavy it covered the roadway. I knew there had to be a tornado around, the question was, "do I stop or do I keep going?"... I decided to keep going, and there it was, about a mile ahead of me, it came right across Interstate 40, there were 3 of them,... I was amazed, and scared shitless at the same time. This is what it looked like....

(If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge)

I'm hoping the Easter Bunny is gonna bring me some new undies for Easter! Too damn close for comfort !

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Well now this is a very welcoming sign ! It's vacation time, and I'm ready ! Will be in vegas tomorrow sometime, a day early, but I'm certainly not going to complain about that! Oh what fun it's gonna be, nascar racing, motorcycle ride, sightseeing, POKER! What more could a girl ask for? Last night was a full moon (it was also a lunar eclipse) so I got out of the truck and did my little indian dance with my purse and chanted to the full moon, now all we have to do is wait & see if it works! Of course I looked like to total retard standing there surrounded by trucks, 30 degrees, no jacket, holding my purse up in the air and yelling at the top of my lungs "BRING ME LUCK, FILL 'ER UP", but there have been stranger things that have happened in truckstops. Right now I'm sitting outside of Yuma's proving grounds, I'm here with 6 other trucks waiting in line for sun up to come... it's gonna be a long night. The past couple weeks have been good, got the company's bonus, got some real good runs in, stayed out of the weather for the most part (cept for going from Tornado warnings to blizzard conditions in a matter of an hour), the truck is running good, there's really nothing to complain about. Ok folks, this is the end, I'm posting this and I'll try to post again while up in Vegas, if you dont hear from me, don't worry, I probally hit the big jackpot and I'm still driving around the country (this time tho, it'll be in a Motorhome). Goodnight John Boy!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is what it's like driving across Illinois.....

For those of you who have no idea what to do, click on the big arrow (sometimes, you have to click twice) in the middle of the picture, a quick movie will load, and you will be smiling when it's over.... Enjoy !!


I'm thinking!! I really dont have a whole lot of anything to type at this moment. I'm in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the moment, it's cold (hoovering right around zero) atleast it's not snowing! Had some bad weather to drive in this past week, but it's expected this time of the year. Nascar will start next weekend (yippee!), Vacation comes in about a month (double yippee!), did my taxes, found out I owe this year (no yippee!). Let's see, where have I been..... Last you heard from me, I was in Chattanooga watching Roy's shoes getting chewed up by some cat.... Left there and went to Kentucky, then out to Tooele (you'd think I'd take up residence there since I'm there so much!), then over to Missery (missouri for those that have no sense of humor), then down to Oklahoma, then up Iowa, then up some more to Minnesota, then over to Virginia, then back to Iowa, then over to Indiana, then back up to Minnesota! Up, down, over, up, down, up, down, up..... Starting to sound like I'm having some kind of sex, huh? YEAH RIGHT! I see your mind is in the gutter once again. Ok peeps, this is all I have, I know it's not been my best work, hopefully things will change and the next post will knock your socks off! .....

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes? A little modification to "Chattanooga Choo Choo"! This is a picture of the steepest passenger railway in the world (72.7% grade) it's located on Lookout Mountain, in Chattanooga. Chattanooga is where I'm spending this weekend... Why Chattanooga? Cause I know where the wal-mart is ! Okay, Okay, I used to live here a while ago, and I always thought it was nice down here, the mountains, lakes, but I never liked the humidity, it gets pretty sticky here in the summer. Anyways, I will leave here in the morning and head to Graham, Kentucky... From there I'll head out west to Tooele, Utah. Hoping the weather won't be an issue, but it's looking like it might be.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back -N- Forth....

Well here is how the past week went, started it in Indiana, went to Tracy, Ca., then over to Hawthorne, Nv., then a stop in Ft. Smith, Ar., from there up to Picatinny, N.J., then over to Carteret, N.J., and now on the way to the windy city (Chicago). From there I'll go to southern Iowa to load on Tuseday and head to Yuma, Az.. Back -N- Forth has been the latest travel. Turned in over 6000 miles this past week, so that was a good week, and a busy one, which left me with little time for me to get into trouble.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


<--- THIS is NO FUN ! White knukle driving stinks! Ran into this stuff out in Nebraska and Wyoming, saw lots of cars and trucks in the ditch, saw lots of dumb people driving way to fast for conditions, thought I was seeing my knuckles break through my skin. (sigh of relief). Sitting out in Tooele, Utah right now, will leave here in the morning and head to Tracy, California. Hopefully Donner won't be an issue (I know, that's asking for alot!) Seems everyone back home is sick with something or another, and I'm just all busted up that I can't be there to catch what's going around.

Well with the end of the year comes some facts and figures - The truck now has 130,000 more miles on it than it had last January, I had zero accidets (knocking on wood), zero driving violations (hours of service, tickets, etc), I passed all inspections that I had, I'm a year older, and my ass still has hail damage! It was a pretty good year! (Minus the hail damage).

Sure hope whoever reads this has a great new year, and who knows, maybe I'll come to your neighborhood this coming year! TOOTS!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So I was driving to work the other day and this...

Happens everyday, sometimes 4 and 5 times a day. I'd have to pinch myself if it didn't happen! Never a dull moment in my office! And the view.... the view changes constantly, one minute I'm looking at the hillsides and the next I'm seeing a man playing with his.... well, the same thing thats in that truck that pulls out infront of me. Well they say Christmas is going to happen on Monday, it's a fact.... whether we like it or not. I guess since that load was delivered on time this a.m. the world is still going to keep turning. (Your probally saying "what the hell is she talking about").... My dispatcher gave me top secret information yesterday, and that was, if the load I had did NOT get to it's destination on time, the world is going to stop turning. So you know what that means, not only did the load make it, but now I know what makes the world turn! And I'm not telling! Happy Holidays !!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh just some stuff....

I thought I was gonna pee my pants when I saw this guy wearing this T-Shirt. Too Dang funny! Well anyways, tonight I'm just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Went and played some poker yesterday down at the riverboat casino. I was there for about 8 hours (a true work day!) and when I got up to leave I had 13 less dollars than when I sat down.... That's not too awfully bad, my stack went up and down, up and down, then my eyes got tired and it was time to say bub bye, and at that time my stack was down (shrug). Will be leaving here in the a.m. and will head south to Wytheville, Virginia and load there Monday, then I'll be off to Wisconsin and Minnesota, after that it will be time to take time off for Christmas. It's not feeling like Xmas at all, it's too warm, and I'm too far away from home. So thats about it, hope everyone has a great Holiday (dont want to offend anybody, so I say "holiday", not Christmas, not Hanukkah, not Kwanza).... This just pisses me off though, if you dont like Merry Christmas, get over it, don't let it cripple your life.. sheesh.

Hast La' BUB BYE!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Donner Summit...

Well we traveled over Donner Pass this week, actually we went over it twice in the same day (Friday). You never know what the weather will be like up there, and we certainly we not expecting the weather that we ran into up there. It was a balmy 60 degrees, there was some snow on the ground, but it was melting quickly. This used to be my favorite road in America, mainly because the scenery is just beautiful, but I haven't been over this route in a while now, and I was quite suprised when we got to the foothills. There must of been a wildfire in this area and so many of the hills are now naked, no trees, nothing but torched hillsides. And then the road itself has become so rough, you can tell where the chains are on for traveling because the road is just all chewed up. I felt like I was getting a dose of shaken baby syndrom and almost made me wish I was in New Jersey.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Hey Ma ! !

(WOOF) Hey Ma, what is up with Grandma and Grandpap trying to feed us FAT FREE Ice Cream?? (haaaack). Hope your being safe out there Ma, don't worry about us, Roscoe is being his usual dorky self, and of course I'm being a good girl like always. Hey, bring us some dingos! Love ya!! Sweetie

A mouth full of BLOG....

Well here I am once again, on the blog wagon, thought I'd say hello from Oneida, New York. Will spend the rest of my night here and then load in the morning and head for Travis Air Force Base (out in California). Had a fun travel up here to N.Y., was filled with cold and lake effect snow. Had to stop traveling for about 6 hours at one point because the snow was winning. The truck looks terrible, all covered in salt and road spray, I just hate it when it looks all dirty like that (sigh).

Did you know a average cow poops 100 POUNDS of crap a day? Thats alot of pooh! Maybe I should start eating more grass so I can poop off 100 lbs.. hmmm.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

That would explain the smell.....

Well here I am once again, blogging away. I wonder if this becomes addicting? Anyways, it turns out there were not 300 women getting their hair permed last night, instead it was a tanker leaking some haz-mat... made for an interesting night! Cops, haz-mat crews, ambulances, truckers (of course) were everywhere, they were evacuating the truck stop, I got so excited I went to bed. Today while traveling thru Missery (Missouri) it's just beautiful out there, everything is all iced over, there are glass trees everywhere, such a kodak moment! We are now my least favorite state (Illinois) and there is just nothing pretty about this state! I spent most of today working on setting up this blog page, I'm about all blogged out! Gotta give it a test run and see how it works, Ta ta for now....

Saturday, December 2, 2006

My very first Blog....

I'm a blogger virgin, this is just a test to see if I can actually do anything with a "blog".... Never did I think the day would come where I'd jump on the Blog Wagon.... What is this world coming to? Something smells funny outside, it kinda smells like 300 women just got a perm... hmmmm